A IRP Trip Permit is required for any vehicle that is operating in oustside their base state with a non-IRP registration. Out-of-state carriers MUST secure a Trip Permit prior to entering any state other than their base state. The Trip Permit must remain with the vehicle at all times while active.

Any vehicle NOT in compliance with the following WILL need a IRP Trip Permit:

  • Your truck or tractor is operating within its base state
  • The state you are traveling in is listed on your Apportioned Registration CAB card
  • Your truck or tractor’s registered weight DOES NOT exceed 26,000 lb.
  • Your vehicle DOES NOT have 3 or more axles
  • Your vehicle is used only for recreational purposes
  • Your vehicle is government-owned

Cost of Permits

Permit costs can vary from state to state anywhere from $5-$100, while traveling without the needed permit will cost you a lot more in lost time and expensive fines from DOT or State Highway Patrol. We are here to help you get the permits you need, providing you peace of mind that your load will get delivered on time, within-budget, and without much hassle.

Turn Around Time

We have spent years in developing best practices for the fastest permit turnaround times. The average for Temporary Trip (IRP) Permits, is 1.5-2 hours. Give us a call, if you have questions about a specific State turnaround time.

Regulation Complexity

When it comes to permitting, our team has written the book (seriously - it's on Amazon). Regulations change often, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. As trusted partners for thousands of carriers, we keep up to date on all regulations that impact transport of over-dimensional loads. Our knowledge and expertise prevents financial loss, as we are able to suggest best route options and just overall be there for you and your company.

We are committed to providing expert-level guidance to truckers, transport agencies, and those seeking to secure their permits. It is our mission to keep you both safe and legal as you haul your loads. We pride ourselves on being fast and affordable. Let us support your fleet and learn what it means to work with America's most liked permit agency.

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