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Arkansas State-Wide Pilot Cars

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J & J Pilot Car Service Inc

Will Dead Head for good load. I do Highpole and Chase and Blade steer. Services central to eastern coast. Certified Ok./NY/KS super load

Jessie J. Smith
(870) 834-0700


U.S. Flag Cars Transport

Steer with 4+ yrs experience. Have been in the Industry for over 10 yrs. FL NY Cert. KS Superload, Ut permit, LA, GA permits. Willing to dh for long hauls. Chase, lead. Have worked out of many ports in lower 48, Twic, CDL. Thanks for your consideration.

Bernie Meyer
(409) 718-6307

Little Rock

Pacesetter Pilot Cars, LLC

We have 6 experienced, Utah certified pilots who can run lead, or chase and 4 high poles. We also do Route Surveys. Fully insured and all required permits and certifications to run in all states except New York. We are located in Central Arkansas at Conway and are approx. 150 miles from any state bordering Arkansas. Will go anywhere!

Tonya Lankford
(501) 697-6364


Jim’s Escort Service

Lead/chase/pole three cars 1 million insurance. Long/Wide we will get you there

Jim Goodson
(870) 733-2221


Youngblood’s Pilot / Chase, LLC

My office is based near the state lines of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, otherwise known as the “Ark-La-Tex”.
I endeavor to run a professional business with complete customer satisfaction by being: dependable, courteous, properly equipped and on-time.
I look forward to working with you!
Terry Youngblood
(870) 533-1433
Alt. Phone
(870) 953-0557

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