California Trucking Regulations - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits

Manitoba State Regulations

Permit Types

Permit Validity

Permits valid for one trip only, duration depending on length of trip.

Weekend Travel

No Sunday travel. No travel over 10′ wide from 3:00 pm, Friday to sunrise Monday

Night Moves

No night travel over 12-0 side unless there are 2 escorts

Transportation Requirements

USA & Canada Pilots - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits
365 Nationwide & Canada Pilots - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits

Oversize Load Signs

Over 10-0 wide also requires “Oversize Load” or “D” warning signs or “Wide Load” signs.


Flag all four corners and/or any front and rear projections of any oversized vehicle/load (light at night.)

Routine Issues

Single Axle20,000 lbs.
Tandem Group44,445 lbs.
Tridem Group60,500 lbs.

Note: Weight maximums may vary by axle spacings and highway classes.

Escort Requirements

Width Over 15′1 on 4-Lane Divided Highway | 2 on 2-Lane Highways
Length Over 98’6″1

Additional Information

Tridem Drive Tractors:
Pusher or lift axles are NOT recognized; all axles must drive.

Spread Axles:
A spread axle group (over 6’ spacing) is treated as a single axle for weight allowances, and it’s not allowed to carry more than 20,000lbs total (10,000lbs per axle)

Must carry an Annual Spread Axle Exceeding 3.05m permit to enter Manitoba with a 10’ to 12’ spread axle trailer. HOWEVER, this still does not allow extra weight.

Trailer Lift/Flip Axles:
MB will all lift or flip axle on trailer on overweight load permit if the axles are evenly spaced.

The axle must be chained up securely when not in use for the load.

You can get annual permit for a lift axle as long as the axles in group are evenly spaced.

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