California Trucking Regulations - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits

New Brunswick State Regulations

Permit Types

Permit Validity

3 Days

Transportation Restrictions


Loads not exceeding 16′ wide, 98’5″ long and 14’9″ high are not permitted to move after 3:00 pm Friday or after noon on Saturday and Sunday. GVW over 137,787 lbs. are not permitted to travel at night.

Trucking Permits Goal - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits

Operating Time

See Night Moves

Night Moves

In addition to daytime (sunrise to sunset) travel, loads not exceeding 10′ wide, 98’5″ in length, and 14′ in height may also travel nighttime with a pilot car and on weekends and holidays. Loads not exceeding 12′ wide, 98’5″ in length, and 14′ in height may also travel nighttime on multi-lane divided highways only and are granted weekend and holiday travel.

Transportation Requirements

USA & Canada Pilots - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits
365 Nationwide & Canada Pilots - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits

Oversize Load Signs

Over 10′ wide also requires “D” warning signs at front and rear of vehicle, at rear of vehicle when transporting overlength loads or rear overhang exceeds 6.5 feet or on front of vehicle if front overhang exceeds 3 feet.


Bright fluorescent red or orange flags must be at the extremities of all overwidth and overlength loads.

Amber revolving or strobe warning light is required on cab roof. If it is not visible from all directions, supplementary
warning lights are required. Flashing amber lights, visible from a distance of 500 feet, are required on extremities of lads
exceeding 12 feet in width, 90 feet in length and on front overhangs exceeding 3 feet.

Routine Issues

Weight140,800 lbs. 6 Or More Axles

When height exceeds 16 feet, utilities must be contacted at least three days in advance of the move.
One week prior to moving loads exceeding 16 feet wide or 98 feet in length, permit holder must contact police.

Escort Requirements

Width Over 12′1
Width Over 16′2
HeightNot Specified
Length Over 90′1 On 2-Lane Highways
Length Over 98’5″4 On Multi-Lane Highways
Rear Overhang Over 10′1

Some routes may impose additional escort requirements

Additional Information

Tractor Wheelbase: Tractor wheelbase, from center of steer axle to center of drive axles, can now go up to 283 inches,
but the overall tractor/trailer combined length cannot exceed 75 feet.

Lift Axles: A special permit must be obtained for use of a lift axle.

Spread Axles: A spread axle group (over 6′ spacing) is treated as a regular (closed) tandem. It is not restricted to lower
weights as it is in some provinces.

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