California Trucking Regulations - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits

Saskatchewan State Regulations

Permit Types

Permit Validity

One 24-hour period, but can be extended

Transportation Restrictions


If over 12’2″ wide, 82′ long, or 16′ high, movement is limited to daytime travel only, and no movement on Friday after 3:00pm from July 1 through Labor Day. Night travel requires reflectorized or lighted signs at the rear. Check with Sammons permit office for holiday restrictions.

Trucking Permits Goal - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits

Operating Time

See Restricted Travel

Weekend Travel

See Restricted Travel

Night Moves

See Restricted Travel

Transportation Requirements

USA & Canada Pilots - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits
365 Nationwide & Canada Pilots - Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits

Oversize Load Signs

“D” signs, “Wide Load” signs or Oversize Load” signs front and rear are required when vehicle/load width exceeds 10′ wide. A vehicle/load over 82′ in length must have a “D” sign or “Long Load” sign mounted at the rear. Signs must be removed or covered when they are not required.


Flags are required at extremities on any load that extends beyond the trailer.

Night running requires rear illumination of the sign or an amber beacon mounted at the center rear. A beacon light should be mounted on the cab for loads over 10’9″ wide (and on the rear if it is not visible from all angles).

Routine Issues

Tandem Group48,000 lbs.
Tridem Group72,000 lbs. (Bridge check for over 60,000)

No set maximum dimensions – depends on load and routes

Escort Requirements

Width1 If Vehicle/Load Extends Over Center-line
Width Over 16’4″1
Length Over 98′1 On 2-Lane Highways
Length Over 118′2

Some routes may impose additional escort requirements.

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