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Permit Validity

7 Travel Days

Transportation Restrictions

No travel is allowed during any ice condition, sleet, freezing rain, slush or combination thereof or any snow accumulation to the extent that it is heavy enough to stick to the highway surface. Also, no travel is allowed during any period of rain or other weather that requires the use of windshield wipers in the “steady” on position by users of the highway, or when visibility is reduced by fog or any of the conditions previously listed to the extent that the load is not readily identifiable by users of the highway at a distance of a quarter (1⁄4) mile. At all times roads must be safe and clear enough to allow traffic to pass. Roads must be clear and free of water which causes spray or mist that interferes with the visibility of other vehicles.

If traveling Route 4 from the New Hampshire line to the junction of Vermont Route 100 South,
trailers may not be longer than 53’ except special use trailers.

Movement is restricted for transports exceeding 10’6″ wide, 100′ long or 108,000 lbs. on Friday afternoons between July 1 and Labor Day

The following holidays are restricted: Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

If a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday is a legal holiday; if a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is a legal holiday and these days are restricted as other holidays.

Operating Time

Half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset. Overweight only vehicles capable of traveling with the traffic flow may travel 24 hours a day.

Weekend Travel

No weekend travel if transport exceeds 12″ wide, 100′ long or 108,000 lbs.

Holiday Travel

Date Status Restrictions
3/6 CLOSED Travel allowed with a valid permit.

Transportation Requirements


Anything above Routine Issue dimensions requires special approval from the DOT.

Oversize Load Signs

“Oversize Load” signs required for any oversize load.


18” red flags required at the four corners and widest point of any oversized load.


Can be hauled on the same trailer. Does not need to be detached.

Routine Issues

Component Restriction
Steer Axle 12,000 lbs.
Single Axle 20,000 lbs.
Gross Weight 150,000 lbs.
Width 15'
Height 14'
Length 100'

Escort Requirements

Dimension Requirement
Width 12' Or More 1 Front On Undivided Highways | 1 Rear On Divided Highways
Length 80' Or More 1 Front On Undivided Highways | 1 Rear On Divided Highways
Overhang 15’ Or More 1 Front On Undivided Highways | 1 Rear On Divided Highways

The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles may require two or more escort vehicles on a case-by-case basis.

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