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Permit Validity

13 Consecutive Days

Transportation Restrictions

The following holidays are restricted: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Travel restricted from noon the preceding weekday through the holiday.  If the observed holiday falls on a Monday, travel restrictions start noon on the preceding Friday.

When road conditions, visibility or unfavorable weather conditions make traveling hazardous to the operator or to the traveling public, permitted vehicles are not authorized to operate unless responding to an emergency. Law-enforcement judgment shall prevail in all circumstances.

No permitted travel is allowed within the corporate limits of cities/towns between the hours of 7 AM to 9 AM and 4 PM to 6 PM except for configurations that are overweight or overlength (not exceeding 85’, including rear overhang) only. No travel is allowed on Sundays, except for loads that are permitted for overweight or overlength (not exceeding 85’, including rear overhang) only. The Hauling Permit Section may modify the normal hours of travel or restrict times of travel if it is determined necessary giving primary consideration to the safety and well-being of the traveling public.

Operating Time

Sunrise to Sunset

Weekend Travel

Saturday travel permitted.  No Sunday Travel normally.  Overweight only or overlength only (up to 85’) may travel Sunday.

Transportation Requirements


Anything above Routine Issue dimensions requires special review by the DOT.

Oversize Load Signs

"Oversize Load" signs are required on front and rear of the vehicle/load for all over-dimensional permit loads.


18” red or orange flags required at the extremities of overwidth transports or at the end of any overhang.
High intensity amber flashing lights, visible for at least 500 feet, must be used on any vehicle operating under the authority of a highway hauling permit when either the vehicle or the load is more than 12 feet wide or more than 75 feet long.


Blade, bucket or scoop attachments that are 12 feet wide or less may remain attached to the
equipment. The attachment shall be pointed to the rear.

Routine Issues

Component Restriction
Single Axle 24,000 lbs.
Tandem Group 44, 000 lbs.
Tridem Group 54,500 lbs.
Quad Group 64,500 lbs.
Gross Weight 115,000 lbs.*
Width 15'
Height 15'
Length 150'
Overhang Front In Excess Of 3' To Be Specified By Permit; Rear Not To Exceed 1/3 Length Of Load, 2/3 Length Of Which Must Rest Upon Truck Or Trailer Bed.

*Must have outer bridge of 64’ or greater

Escort Requirements

Dimension Requirement
Width Over 12’ 2 (Front & Rear) On Non-Interstate Highways | 1 Rear On Interstate Highways
Width Over 14’ 3 (2 Front & 1 Rear) On Non-Interstate Highways | 2 (Front & Rear) On Interstate Highways
Width Over 16’ 4 (2 Front & 2 Rear) On Non-Interstate Highways | 3 (1 Front And 2 Rear) On Interstate Highways
Height Over 14.6’ 1 Front W/ High Pole
Length Over 85’ 1 Rear On Non-Interstate Highways
Length Over 120’ 1 Rear On All Highways
Length Over 150’ 2 (Front & Rear)
Front Overhang Over 10’ 1 Front
Rear Overhang Over 15’ 1 Rear
Side Overhang Over 3’6” 1 Front
Side Overhang Over 5’ 2 (Front & Rear)

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