Many have a set-up process before you can get permits. Check below to see if you are traveling through any of these states.


AL DOT, Permits Office
1409 Coliseum Blvd.
Montgomery, AL 36130
  • Needs Insurance Certificate made out to: AL DOT, Permits Office, 1409 Coliseum Blvd, Montgomery, AL, 36130


  • Need Insurance company name
  • Need IRP# and IFTA# if not registered in AZ.


  • Insurance certificate needed for mobile homes only
  • Needs insurance certificate made out to: AHTD Permit Section, P.O. Box 2779 Little Rock, AR 72203


  • Needs Insurance Certificate made out to: Georgia Department of Public Safety, Attn: Oversize Permit Unit, P.O. Box 1456, Atlanta, GA 30371


  • Need M-203 on file with state


  • Copy of the CAB Card required when obtaining an overweight permit


  • Insurance Certificate on an Acord Form made out to: Attention: Truck Permit Office Post Office Box 94042 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9042 for overweight loads


  • $10,000 bond on file required for superload permits


MDOT PO BOX 1850 Jackson, MS 39215
  • Needs insurance certificate made out to: MDOT PO BOX 1850 Jackson, MS 39215
  • Need 6 digit customer ID # which must be obtained by customer once insurance is filed.


  • Must file New Hauler form for new customers.

New Mexico

P.O. Box 1628
Santa Fe, NM 87504
  • Needs insurance certificate made out to: State of New Mexico Attn: Permit Department PO Box 1628 Santa Fe, NM 87504


  • Need OS-32 form on file with Ohio. Must be filled out directly by the insurance agent and submitted directly by the agent with a cover page. It cannot pass through any third party hands.

West Virginia

DOH Building 5 Room A-356
1900 Kanawha Blvd E
Charleston, WV 25305
  • When permitting mobile homes an Acord 25 Form, showing automobile liability policy, with WV DOT as the certificate holder (address below).

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